When is the last time you checked the roof of your house? Some of you may respond with “it’s been awhile” and some of you may even say “wow, I never really thought about it!”

A roof makes your home, so it’s important not to take it for granted. However, we understand that you can’t fix what you don’t recognize is broken. Here’s a few signs that you may need to prepare to replace your roof:

worn roof tiles

1) Your roof’s aging. A roof lasts about 20 to 30 years depending upon the material used. Asphalt is a customer favorite because of its design, cost, and durability. If your roof is hitting an age milestone it may be time to gift it with a new replacement.

worn roof a sign to replace your roof

2) The shingles are worn or missing. This is a sign the weather gave your shingles a run for their money. It also can be a sign that you have some leaks in the making. Brown spots on the ceiling aren’t very attractive, so if you have some shingles missing, they may be hard to match because weather can affect their coloring. Replacing the missing ones is an option but keep your eye out for a bigger issue up there.

visible holes in roof

3) Can you see the light? If there’s some holes or cracks allowing sunlight to come through, it’s time to consider a replacement.

water damage in ceiling a sign of roof failure

4) Your ceilings are discolored or have water stains. This is a major flag for water damage. A leaking roof is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but dangerous. The last thing we want is your roof caving in on you.

If some of these signs apply to you, we highly recommend that you have a professional look at your roof before it becomes a potential safety hazard. We are here to help! Request a consultation today.