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Gutter Clogged with Leaves

Gutters From Roofing Nation

Ice on the roof of a house

Gutters, Your Home and Moisture Damage

When there is heavy rains, melting snow and ice or a clog in your gutter, water can easily overflow and run down the side of your home.  This water can lead to moisture in your foundation, basement and can even damage the expensive landscaping around your home.

Even water that may flow behind the gutters can cause damage, including rot, mold, insect infestations and peeling. These conditions, over time, can cause extensive long-term damage.

How MicroGuard Protects Your Home

MicroGuard gutter screen features the latest in micro-filtration technology providing superior leaf protection. Its angled micro-perforations effectively block large debris from sticking to the screen while efficiently clearing water into the gutter. The filter features a raised, stepped groove to prevent water from splashing back underneath roof shingles

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