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Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

Whether its extreme weather, age or another factor, there comes a point in every home’s lifetime when replacing the roof becomes imperative. Signs it is time to replace the roof include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles

  • Dark, dirty looking areas on your roof

  • Leaks in the attic after wind-driven rain or ice build-up

  • Interior and/or exterior paint peeling or blistering

  • Evidence of stains on the ceiling and walls

  • Growth of mold and mildew

  • Increased energy costs

If your have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, your roof could be failing. 

Roofing Nation Has The Solution

The good news is that Roofing Nation is here to help protect your largest investment with the GAF Lifetime Roofing System.  We are fully licensed, GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing contractor. Learn more about the roofing system and components or request your free roofing estimate!


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